The past week or so have been a struggle, I mean I’ve been doing okay - just struggling to do so. Tomorrow I have a big recovery challenge planned (first real challenge in a while to be honest), and there are reasons (which you’ll see when I post about it) that I wanted it to be tomorrow. However, a friend of mine has just asked me to go out for dinner on Wednesday night when her mum comes to visit - I really want to go and I know it’ll be good fun but I’m sliiiightly terrified because I don’t know where we’d be going and if there would be anything healthy or any nutritional info or anything. DESPITE THAT, I AM GOING TO GO AND DAMN WELL ENJOY IT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WOULD, AND I AM STILL GOING TO GO AHEAD WITH TOMORROW’S CHALLENGE. 

Finally finished my first uni assignment and I am so so so happy. The actual essay was so interesting, it was on the cognitive development of children, but my god I can’t deal with formatting and referencing etc. Tonight I’m going to Nandos and I’m kind of freaking out but I know what I’m going to have and I’ll be with friends and I’ve had enough warning and time to get used to the idea so I’m sure I’ll be okay. Being productive makes me feel good about myself so I guess anxiety is low today anyway :)

Selfie, cocktails and frieeeeeends (cause I have those)

Update: having been terrified all day about letting other people make me cocktails, having had a really good chat with the barmaid (my flatmate) I’m now having such a good time. I told her why I felt uncomfortable, so she let me buy my own low sugar stuff so that I wasn’t tempted to restrict today, and she let me watch her measure everything and she’s incredible and I love her. This is the happiest I’ve been in days and fuck letting myself relapse. Just because I gained weight THAT I FUCKING NEED, doesn’t mean I’m recovering ‘too easily’ so fuck restriction and love food. Here’s to curves, here’s to normality and here’s to ducking recovery.

metamorphosisofmeg asked:

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course.💜

Thanks lovely!
1. I like that I’ve just picked myself up after a properly shit week
2. I like that I look hella beaut right now
3. I like that I managed to make friends at uni #desperate
4. I like my mood is currently positive
5. I like that I attempted to answer this while drunk and have kind of answered it wrong (sorry)

Intakey take:
Breakfast ~ cinnamon raisin bagel (mass fear food so can we just) with chopped banana
Snack ~ apple
Lunch ~ (this is a weird lunch but also yum) a tin of spicy tomato and lentil soup with brown rice
Snack ~ eat natural apricot and almond cereal bar
Dinner ~ wholewheat wrap with white fish fillet and leeks in a sour cream and stock sauce (it only confirmed my belief that I am the best chef about town)
Snack ~ strawberry protein milk and a nakd bar

Today went so well, I managed to be really productive with uni notes etc. which made me feel good about myself, and now I’m in Glasgow having a gal’s night out and it’s going to be insane and I’m just ignoring this week’s shit and having a new day. I’m proud of this intake because the bagel today was a huge fear food, I’ve literally not had any hot breakfast item in a year. In about a week I’m going to have been in recovery for a whole year and I think I might face my #1 fear. Take out. It’ll happen. Chips and steak pie, pre ED favourite, I can do that yes?






This time I thought I’d make it a bit of a surprise and really recovery orientated in order to promote recovery and health.

It will include recovery food items, health items, distractions, letters, books, fun things to do etc :)


It will end on the 5th October 8pm British time

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